Interior designer Carly Madhvani opens up her Hampstead flat to showcase some classic furnishings

When Carly Madhvani moved into her Hampstead flat earlier this year, she inherited a stunning glass-walled garden room that was a perfect home for her designer furniture.

The mother-of-two then took the leap to turn it into a showroom for an interiors business.

Armed with an art degree, “a passion for beautiful things” and extensive professional experience of furnishing the HQ of top corporate clients she had all the contacts needed to provide a knowlegable and personal consulting service.

“I am passionate about design, and have an understanding and appreciation of classic pieces of iconic furniture like the Barcelona Chair which have achieved art status,” she says.

“The spec and finish of these pieces that are hand stitched, or made from marble sourced from an Italian quarry, means they are not only timeless classics that still look modern decades after they were designed, but will last for decades. There really is no comparison to cheaper imitations.”

Madhvani has a special affinity with furniture maker Knoll, who have the licence to make Barcelona chairs, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the range of colours and materials the products come in.

Other design firms she works with include FritzHansen, Minotti, Vitra, Cassina and Cappelini and she has also branched out into soft furnishing, contemporary hand-made rugs and bespoke hand-painted silk wallpapers from Fromental.

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Carly realised that because of her contacts she could specialise in high end modern interiors and still negotiate a good price for the pieces. Because of this she can still do offers and deals while ensuring the client gets the personal touch that they like.

“They can come here, see the collection, and I can suggest colour palettes, talk them through the different finishes, textures or specifications the pieces come in, order them and get them delivered at their convenience.

“I can also give advice – for example if they have young children I say ‘get it in leather’ or talk about space planning.

“Coming here they get a sense of who I am and where I’m coming from and understand that I will make this style work for them.”

Carly doesn’t charge clients for her service, instead making her money through the sale of the furniture.

Until the end of August she is offering Ham&High readers 10 per cent off new orders.

Visits to NW3 Interiors are by appointment only.

Contact Carly at

Photos: Lightrapper Photography