Influx of new voters in Hampstead and Kilburn could swing the election

From left to right: Labour's Tulip Siddiq; Conservative candidate Claire-Louise Leyland and the Libe

From left to right: Labour's Tulip Siddiq; Conservative candidate Claire-Louise Leyland and the Liberal Democrat's Kirsty Allan. - Credit: Archant

Almost 3,000 new voters have registered in Hampstead and Kilburn this year – in a key seat where Labour beat the Conservatives by just 1,138 votes in 2015.

In a historic all-women line-up, Labour parliamentary candidate Tulip Siddiq is fighting to defend her seat from Conservative candidate Claire-Louise Leyland and Liberal Democrat Kirsty Allan.

There are 2,762 newly registered voters in Hampstead and Kilburn, according to research from The Bureau Local, part of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

In 2015, there were 80,195 voters, and there will be an estimated 82,957 voters today.

As previously reported, UKIP pulled their Hampstead candidate, in order to avoid damaging the “Brexit cause”.

The party won 1,532 votes in the constituency in 2015, which is more than enough to decide the outcome of such a marginal seat – and could work in the favour of either the Conservatives or Labour.

Green parliamentary candidate John Mansook will stand, which could also be a deciding factor for the election, as the party won 2,387 votes in 2015 in the constituency.

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The national Conservative party has treated the constituency as a key battleground throughout the election.

Our Investigations Unit has uncovered that the Tories have been targeting more “dark adverts” at Hampstead and Kilburn than other north London constituencies.

These political adverts, which appear on Facebook, use messages which are tailored to users, based on their age, gender and interests.

They are completely unregulated and some experts believe they swung the Brexit vote.

The bookies’ odds are 1-3 that Ms Siddiq will win. Ms Leyland has odds of 2-1 and Ms Allan has odds of 33-1.

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