Indicate now, park carefully... and slash tyres’

THEY are expected to be paragons of roadside respectability, staunch upholders of the Highway Code and keepers of the public peace

Miguel Cullen

THEY are expected to be paragons of roadside respectability, staunch upholders of the Highway Code and keepers of the public peace.

Skills in tyre slashing and car keying are not usual requirements for driving instructors - although maybe they are in Golders Green.

When stepping out of his car off the Golders Green Road, dental technician Mo Ehyaii was nearly mown down by a man driving a BSM driving instructor's car.

After entering his office, he returned later to check on his car and found his tyres slashed with key marks on both sides of the body, and the same man running away down the pavement.

"I was about to cross the road when I saw a car coming up the hill from Golders Green Road. He was going at 50 to 60mph and nearly ran me over," said Mr Ehyaii.

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"I raised both my arms to say 'slow down'. He went by for 20 or 30yards, put on the brakes and reversed. He stopped next to me and asked if I'd seen his speedometer.

"I said, 'You should be driving slower as you're a driving instructor. What's the matter with you?' But he just replied in f-words. He was furious.

"He came out of the car as if to hit me and said, 'Is that your car? You won't be able to drive that car again.'

"When I came back after going into the office, only one of my tyres was still inflated. He must have come back later to slash the last tyre.

"I spoke to BSM and they said that they had spoken to the instructor and he had admitted to the accident but not to the damage.

"It seems to me that they're not checking people's background.

"I wanted to remind him that he was a driving instructor - he shouldn't be driving down a residential road at that speed.

"This is someone who is teaching our sons and daughters. If he's doing this to my car, what's he going to do with your daughter's?"

Mr Ehyaii, who lives on Garth Road, has been forced to rent a new car for his job because he needs to deliver dentures.

He reported the matter to the police and gave a full account to the Ham&high but when our reporter visited the BSM centre in Golders Green Road, he was asked to leave the premises.

A BSM spokeswoman refused to comment over the telephone, pending the police investigation.

A police spokesman said: "On Wednesday April 23 an incident occurred on the corner of Armitage Road and Golders Green Road between two motorists. One of the cars involved was a driving instructor's vehicle and a vehicle was left damaged. Police are pursuing enquiries to identify the person involved."