If you have a problem and no one else can help...try Hampstead

IT was like a scene out of the A-Team and Peter Korniczky brought all the style of John Hannibal to Hampstead on Saturday when he decided to save stranded drivers from the snow.

The Hermitage Lane resident did his bit – towing a stuck lorry and six transit vans backwards up Fitzjohn’s Avenue when the snow hit – all the time chugging on a cigar.

The property consultant had driven past the Hampstead thoroughfare and saw several delivery vehicles marooned in the blizzard and realised he had to act fast to free the bottleneck.

Along with his trusty Series 3 Land Rover, affectionally known by his family as Ula, he went to work and was delighted when his plan came together.

“It was quite comical,” he said. “I do like a cigar and the Land Rover is where I get to have one. So there I was with a great big lorry reversing up the hill in the snow with a great big cigar.”

Mr Korniczky, 39, spent two and a half hours towing cars nose to nose back up the hill. He even damaged his own car in the process not to mention the tow rope he used.

“The rope was getting shorter and shorter so there was only five foot left in the end. It was tied to my bumper and damaged the licence plate so I had to get a new one of those. I got back in the early evening and was covered in grease,” he told the Ham&High.

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“I’ve never done anything like it before. Land Rovers get a bit of a ribbing now and again so it was nice to be able to help.

“A lot of passersby helped too – someone took the shovel and others started grtting the road. When the chips are down people do come out and muck in.”

Throughout his heroics, Mr Korniczky’s wife Caroline thought he was struggling himself to get home in the snow – not trying to get everyone else home.

However it didn’t come as a surprise. “I’m very proud,” she said. That is just exactly the sort of person he is.”