Hundreds of Westminster college students join march against rising fees

Almost 200 City of Westminster College students marched to Trafalgar Square on Tuesday in protest at proposed tuition fee rises.

Students from the Maida Vale and Paddington campuses joined forces in protest for the second time in as many weeks to voice objections to government plans to allow universities to charge up to �9,000 fees a year.

College student Vishal Chauhan, 21, hopes to go to university to study medicine.

He says the news that Business Secretary Vince Cable is considering abstaining in the vote to implement the increase has brought more solidarity and strength to the students.

“It shows that the students are making a difference,” he said. “If you asked me a week ago, I would have said we have no chance of winning this. But after the past two protests and the Liberal Democrats changing their rhetoric, there is every chance we will be successful.”

Fellow student Ammar Al-Zeer, 18, added: “The bankers made their billions getting us into this debt and now we are paying for it with our futures. There’s a grave injustice there.”