Hundreds of Crossrail lorries pose noise and safety threat, residents warn

Hundreds of lorries carrying earth from tunnels for a new railway network pose a risk to school children, residents have warned.

Crossrail has been granted permission to run up to 100 lorries a day from its site in Royal Oak, Westbourne Green, after an equipment collapse broke their conveyor belt system for removing earth.

The lorries will travel east along Westway for several weeks to empty the stockpile of excavated material at Royal Oak.

They are seeking permission from Westminster Council to extend their working hours into the night.

Georgina Fraser, who lives in Harrow Road, said: “My main concern is for the safety of school children crossing the road. This is already an accident blackspot.

“The noise is going to be a big issue as well. They may think we’re plebs who won’t notice, but we all need our sleep.”

Harrow Road Councillor Ruth Bush added: “There are a number of schools and centres for people with special needs in the area, which is a worry.

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“The increase in noise will make people feel like they are living in an industrial area.”

Crossrail, a new �15 billion railway line linking London with the home counties, is the largest construction project of its kind in Europe. It is due to open in 2018.

Keith Sibley, Crossrail area director west, said: “While work is underway to bring the train loading system back into use, we need to temporarily use lorries to reduce a stockpile of excavated material at Royal Oak.

“This route does not pass through any residential areas prior to accessing the Westway. This will ensure that any impacts on the local community are kept to a minimum.”