Ramsey Court proposals 'breach COP26 outcomes' say residents

Ramsey Court protests

Ramsey Court neighbours say Haringey Council development plans will damage Crouch End's biodiversity - Credit: Joe Banks

Crouch End residents have accused Haringey Council of "flagrantly breaching of the outcome of COP26".

Neighbours living in and around Ramsey Court said proposed plans to build nine new homes on green space in Park Road "destroys a local amenity" for the community.

However, the council said the development will address "the acute shortage of affordable homes" in the borough and new trees will be planted to "improve local biodiversity".

More than 1,200 people have signed a petition against the town hall’s proposal to build six flats and three houses, seven of which would be council homes and two sold at private market value.

Ramsey Court development protest poster

Haringey Council said it is committed to protecting the local environment - Credit: Nick Kochan

Ramsey Court Greenspace Protection Group member and biologist Geoff Coast said: "The council’s plans to plant 20 saplings fails to compensate for the damage caused by chopping down mature trees, which are critical to capturing carbon dioxide and environmental toxins, and in minimising the risk of flooding.

"It’s completely ridiculous that the council is willing to destroy this valuable part of Crouch End’s environment, and in the process create 18 months of disruption for Park Road and the local area... and there’s no guarantee that some of these [affordable houses] won’t be sold off to the private sector.”

Nick Kochran, who is part of the campaign against the new development, said: "The move flies in the face of opposition from environmentalist groups and local residents. It contravenes the principles of COP26."

Haringey Council said it is committed to planting new trees, protecting existing mature trees, installing bat and bird habitat boxes and creating a new green communal space.

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Cabinet member for house building, placemaking and development Cllr Ruth Gordon said: “The proposed development at Ramsey Court is part of our ambitious programme to address the acute shortage of affordable homes in our borough through building the first new council homes in a generation.

"If approved, this proposal will deliver seven new council homes at council rents for families currently on our housing waiting list.

“Protecting the local environment and addressing the climate emergency are both central to our home building programme.

"The proposed development at Ramsey Court will result in improvements in local biodiversity through a package of measures that has been enhanced thanks to feedback from residents."

Campaigners protesting at the Ramsey Court green space

Campaigners protesting at the Ramsey Court green space - Credit: Joe Banks