Plans to build high-rises spanning Gospel Oak and Kentish Town

Murphy's Yard, a major development site 

Murphy's Yard, a major development site - Credit: Camden Council

The skyline could change near Hampstead Heath as an application has gone in to develop a series of high-rise towers.

A consultation has been launched on an application by Folgate Estates Ltd for outline planning permission to demolish existing buildings and structures at Murphy's Yard, near Gordon House Road.

Submitted designs include nine residential towers rising to 19 storeys and a row of industrial buildings of eight and nine storeys.

In its summary, the developer said: "The vision for Murphy’s Yard is one of a characterful, playful and accommodating place for all; seeking to link existing communities through the provision of exceptional public realm, community space, workspace and a significant number of new homes."

Ben Castell, of Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum, said it supports redevelopment which "offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to provide an attractive and popular new neighbourhood". 

He added: "But we are devastated that the opportunity is being squandered by the submitted designs that are entirely out of context with the surrounding areas of Kentish Town, Gospel Oak and Dartmouth Park and will change the much-loved views from Hampstead Heath for ever."

To view and comment on the application visit with reference 2021/3225/P