Community offers alternative Murphy's Yard development plan

Drawings of the plans

Drawings of the plans - Credit: Murphy

Community groups have signed an open letter urging Murphy's Yard developers to change course on their plans.

Seventeen community groups including the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum (DPNF), Lissenden Gardens Tenants Association and Kentish Town Action, have called on Folgate Estates to revise their proposals.

Folgate Estate is planning a wall of eight residential towers of eight storeys or above, rising to 19 storeys, and a row of four large-floorplate industrial buildings of eight and nine storeys.

"We need new homes, workplaces and facilities but the result of squeezing so much onto the site is a reliance on bulky and tall buildings," the letter states.

"Camden is renowned for low-rise, high-density development and we believe that this should be the starting point for a re-think, alongside a more realistic assessment of site capacity.

"What we do not want to see is a divided area with high quality housing on tree-lined streets in neighbouring areas, and cramped lower quality housing on the site."

They have come up with an alternative scheme that takes on board the scale of the development, that it "creates a liveable, human-scale place for a mixed population to thrive in".

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A mix of housing tenures and types, including co-op housing, cohousing and family housing, and also protect the view of Hampstead Heath from Kentish Town, as set out in the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan, as well as panoramic views from Hampstead Heath.

The current view of the Lido and beyond 2022

The current view of the Lido and beyond which will be marked by 19 storey towers if the Murphy's Yard application is approved - Credit: Polly Hancock

The alternative plans approves of the pedestrian and cycle links between Kentish Town and the Heath, and suggests a "genuinely zero carbon development" that is "committed to architectural excellence".

They are offering to Murphy's their "time for a meaningful co-design exercise".

"We believe that, together, we can arrive at a proposal that has wide support, rather than the current designs that are causing alarm in the community and surely will not be granted planning consent," they said.

A spokesperson for Folgate Estates said the outline application submitted "has been informed by planning guidance from Camden Council and the GLA and extensive consultation with interested parties over a number of years". 

"The provision of housing, office and commercial spaces, along with industrial uses on the site responds to planning policy and need, including the intensification of existing industrial space," they added.

They said they will respond to consultation comments "in due course".