Camden to work with community group on Daleham Gardens rebuild

The current site of Daleham Gardens, five months after the fire

The Daleham Gardens site will be demolished later this year - Credit: Harry Taylor

Camden Council has confirmed it is working with the borough's first community land trust (CLT) to redevelop the site of a fatal fire in Belsize Park.

31 Daleham Gardens was destroyed when fire ripped through the property in 2017. One resident, Magdalena Fink, died. 

The property has been derelict since then, but earlier this year the town hall announced it wanted to work with a community housing provider on the rebuild. 

It has now confirmed it has chosen the NW3 CLT as a partner for the project, and said it hopes to build "around 14" new homes, half of which would be "genuinely affordable".

A CLT is a non-profit group run by members of the community and designed to oversee the development and management of property. 

Sanya Polescuk, director of NW3 CLT, said: “We are delighted at this news. Over the last five years we have worked to raise awareness about the increasing unaffordability of housing stock in our area and the growing need to provide such housing in new and innovative ways."

Demolition work on the site will begin this summer.