Are people deserting London? New figures suggest so, with 320,283 having left the capital since the beginning of lockdown and only 218,902 arriving.

The exodus was shown in a borough by borough breakdown. Brent had 8,035 more people leave than arrive, making it one of the places in the UK people were apparently most keen to leave.

Haringey had 5,497 net departures, Hackney saw a net 3,479 people leave, while Islington had a net 2,260 departures.

Of all London boroughs, Newham had the biggest departure rate with 21,294 arriving and 29,701 leaving, giving a swing of 8,407.

But real estate company Zoopla has said people are already returning to the city.

Conveyancing solicitors Bird & Co analysed figures from the Office for National Statistics, HM Land Registry and Rightmove to reveal figures of net migration.

Over the period analysed, 320,283 left and 218,902 arrived - giving London a higher exodus rate than any other UK region.

The South West saw the biggest spike in numbers, with 158,484 arriving, while Wales saw 65,887 arrivals, making it the most popular British country to move to.

Cornwall was the most popular place for people to move to, with the county seeing 22,685 arrive and 17,750 leave.

Of all UK cities, Birmingham saw the biggest swing in population with a net 13,356 leaving the West Midland city.

A spokesperson at Zoopla said: “Successive lockdowns and the search for space led to a certain cohort of Londoners deciding to move further afield over the past twelve months.

“However, in the wake of offices reopening and the return to city living, demand for rental properties in London has increased, signalling that for some their departure from London was only temporary.”