Hornsey Housing Trust votes against participating in Right to Buy

Hornsey Housing Trust has voted against voluntary participation in the extension of the Right to Buy scheme to housing association properties.

As a result of the government’s scheme, replacement housing would be funded using money from councils selling off their own most valuable properties.

“We support the tenant’s right to home ownership, but this should not result in the sale of council housing to subsidise any discounts,” said Greg Gordon, Chair of Hornsey Housing Trust.

“As a small Housing Association, and with the high costs of land in the west of the borough, the Trust is concerned that we will not be able to replace any homes that are sold.”

The vote, which was found overall in favour, was staged by the National Housing Federation.

A Haringey Council spokeswoman said: “We’ve joined other councils in calling on the government to review both their draconian restrictions on how Right to But receipts can be reinvested and their proposals to extend the policy to housing association tenants, a move that would further choke the supply of new homes in London.”