Historic Muswell Hill hotel could become luxury flats

A Victorian boutique hotel risks being converted into flats by its current owners.

The historic venue, which became a hotel around the 1950s, interconnects three Victorian terraced houses.

But the Raglan Hotel owners want to turn the hotel on Queen’s Avenue into 18 luxury flats - complete with a basement car park.

There are currently plans to build eight one bedroom flats, eight two bedroom flats and two three bedroom flats lodged with Haringey Council.

Property company Safeland plc bought the three star hotel 18 months ago in order to convert it into homes.

“The hotel has been unviable for many years and falling into a state of disrepair,” managing director Larry Lipman said.

“There is not enough demand for this kind of accommodation - the Holiday Inn are much better competitors.”

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Mr Lipman said that they had so far kept the hotel open because a boarded-up front would be unsightly.

Not everyone is convinced, however, that this is the death knell for the hotel.

Managing agents Lester Hotels have looked after the venue for 30 years and previously owned it.

“There are no immediate plans to close the hotel,” said chairman Simon Lester.

“We’ve been involved with the hotel since 1986; it’s part of our DNA and a part of the community.”

“It’s well-run and we’ll continue to manage the hotel to a high standard.”

The 50-bed hotel is buoyed by Alexandra Palace visitors and attracts businesses and families, according to

Mr Lester.

John Hajdu, chair of the Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association regrets that the hotel will close.

“The Association is very sorry that the hotel has not survived,” he said.

“It was the only hotel of a reasonable standard in the area and we feel it could have been made to work.”

He is concerned that the basement car park will only have space for 12 cars for 18 people and their guests

“We are not against the building of flats - our concern is to do with parking because we feel there will not be enough spaces. Many families now have two cars,” he said.

Under the plans, the Victorian facade of the buildings will remain unchanged.

There have been multiple attempts to change the Raglan Hotel to residential dwellings in 2014, 2003 and 2002 which were never carried out, as recorded in Haringey planning documents.