Highgate woman to take ‘ration challenge’ to raise awareness of plight of refugees

Frances Forbes-Carbines is taking the 'ration challenge'. Picture: Frances Forbes-Carbines

Frances Forbes-Carbines is taking the 'ration challenge'. Picture: Frances Forbes-Carbines - Credit: Archant

Highgate’s Frances Forbes-Carbines is planning to live off tinned sardines and chickpeas for a week in hope of helping to “change the conversation” around refugees.

Freelancer Frances, 31, is taking part in the annual ‘ration challenge’ run by charity Concern Worldwide, and she’s been practicing innovative recipes in a bid to keep the struggles of those trying to get to safety around the world.

The challenge sees participants forced to survive on the same food which makes up ration boxes given to Syrian refugees in camps in Jordan.

Frances said: “I have been practicing making food that I can do on the limited rations that will be available. It’ll be interesting. Will be trying to make fishcakes and things like that if I can. I’ll have to ask my boyfriend to be considerate if he’s getting takeaways when I’m there!”

She said she was motivated by the continue plight of people fleeing warzones. She said: “I used to work for the British Council. I still remember seeing the pictures of little Aylan Kurdi, and remain motivated to do what I can.

“In the last few weeks, in the press we are again seeing tragedy – such as the 16-year-old who died in the Channel. This issue hasn’t changed, which is why I’m doing this. It’s a way of bringing this back to attention and trying to put some positivity around the story of refugees.”

Support Frances, who is taking part with a team of others part of her “Lonely Goats” running group, at rationchallenge.org.uk/frances-forbes-carbines