Highgate woman caught thieves stealing car part in middle of day

A Highgate resident watched from her bedroom window as thieves raided her car in broad daylight – during a spate of vehicle crimes to affect the village this summer.

Prominent Highgate Society member Catherine Budgett-Meakin described her shock at seeing two men underneath her car, which had been jacked up, right outside her home in Bisham Gardens, in the middle of the day.

They went on to cut her exhaust pipe and steal her catalytic converter, leaving her with a £220 repair bill.

She ran downstairs to confront the duo, but they jumped into a waiting car and drove off.

“I heard a funny noise and when I went to look out of the window, I saw two men underneath my car,” she said.

“I have a good strong voice so I shouted ‘what the hell are you doing to my car?’”

She added: “I was in shock to see someone interfering with my car on a beautiful sunny August day. What a cheek!”

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When she tried to drive it later, the car would not run and upon taking it to the garage, she discovered the men had stolen the valuable car part.

Catalytic converters, which reduce pollution, are lined with the valuable metal platinum.

Thefts of these converters are on the rise, according to the AA. The theft is one of a spate of car crimes to take place in Highgate over the summer.

In May, residents allegedly witnessed two cars being torched in Bisham Gardens, with one exploding after having petrol poured over it, while there are reports of thieves draining cars of petrol as their unsuspecting owners go to work or shop in Highgate.