Owner mourns Highgate station’s beloved black cat

Neighbours Ella and Julian Maydew with Malachi

Neighbours Ella and Julian Maydew with Malachi - Credit: Kirstie Maydew

Tributes are being paid to a famous Highgate cat which is thought to have died after being hit by a car. 

Malachi, an English shorthaired black cat, was found outside Priory Gardens on April 26 by his owners.  

He was known as "the Whittington black cat", as well as the "keeper of the black Soul" because of his attachment to his owners' Kia Soul car.

Loved by many at Highgate station, where he would spend a lot of his time, the feline’s fan club grew during lockdown as locals arranged walks to see him in his usual spots.   

Owner Carrie Kirkpatrick, who identifies as a pagan, always felt that Malachi was the perfect witch’s cat.


Malachi - Credit: Carrie Kirkpatrick

She told the Ham&High: "He was such a character. He knew the other cats were cats, but he was something more.  

“He was friendly with everyone and throughout lockdown we had adults and children coming to see him as part of their daily walk.  

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“He was known for his right hook and would intimidate dogs if they came close to him. He would talk to everybody.”  

Carrie said she has been overwhelmed with support since announcing Malachi’s death to residents on a group chat. 

The pet would have celebrated his 12th birthday at the end of this month, but instead his owners will be holding a memorial on May 14 to wish their final goodbyes.  

Neighbours are invited to the service, which will take place outside 71 Priory Gardens at around 7pm.  

An antique cat-shaped cast iron door stop will memorialise Malachi at the service. 

“When his sister (Tabitha) saw this she was freaked out. It looks like him but not like a real cat, but we believe the way she reacted,” Carrie said.   

Ella Maydew with Malachi

Ella Maydew with Malachi - Credit: Kirstie Maydew

Frustrated at losing her beloved pet, Carrie said traffic calming measures should be put in place.  

She hoped this would prevent “people who race up and down this road” ignoring the 20mph signs down their cul-de-sac. 

The owner originally bought Malachi and Tabitha in Glastonbury. Malachi is also survived by nephews Moonshadow and Smokus Pocus.  

The service on May 14 is subject to weather conditions and an update will be posted on the Ham&High Facebook page for those wishing to attend. 

Malachi atop his owner's Kia Soul car

Malachi atop his owner's Kia Soul car - Credit: Carrie Kirkpatrick