Highgate wallaby dies during surgery to foot

The wallaby spotted in Highgate cemetery and rescued by the RSPCA last week in Dartmouth Park has died after suffering complications during an operation on its broken foot.

The RSPCA said although the operation was a “success”, the animal couldn’t be revived from anaesthesia.

In a statement, the RSPCA said:

“We are extremely saddened by the death of the wallaby, which was caught in the Dartmouth Park area of north London by RSPCA inspector Leigh Summers last week (31 October).

“After the wallaby was taken to an animal reception centre near Heathrow, vets discovered the animal was suffering from a broken foot. The broken foot could not be left untreated and required an operation.

“The RSPCA paid for the veterinary treatment and a team of specialists worked on the wallaby for several hours in surgery on Thursday (7 November).

“The procedure on the broken foot was successful but, despite the team’s best efforts, vets were unable to revive the animal from anaesthesia.

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“Surgery always comes with risks, especially for wallabies, but it was necessary in this instance. Despite this, we are of course saddened that the wallaby did not survive.”