Highgate walkabouts reveal ways of improving neighbourhood

People in Highgate have been exploring their neighbourhood to discover ways of improving it.

The Place Check Walkabouts were organised by the newly formed Highgate Neighbourhood Forum.

The group invited the community to explore the area on foot for an hour-and-a-half on Monday to help develop a neighbourhood plan. Their findings will be reported back to the next forum meeting on September 27.

Forum member Maggy Meade-King said: “The Place Check walks were a fun and interesting way of looking at Highgate with fresh eyes.

“We’ve all been wandering around streets which we don’t know very well, looking up at the architecture and down at the state of the pavements, as well as the dustbins blocking the way. We have also been discussing what can be done about traffic and parking.

“We met several people with lots to say about their neighbourhood and we learned a great deal from them.”

For more information, visit www.highgateneighbour hoodforum.org.uk.