Highgate voters urged to turn out for historic referendum

Highgate Neighbourhood Forum committee members Alicia Pivaro and Rachel Allison at Fair in the Squar

Highgate Neighbourhood Forum committee members Alicia Pivaro and Rachel Allison at Fair in the Square 2016. - Credit: Archant

After a general election and EU referendum voters in Highgate are set to return to the polls in little over a week’s time.

The organisers of the July 7 poll are urging voters to choose in favour of the country’s first cross-borough neighbourhood plan, a deal to grant Highgate residents more control over local planning decisions.

Alicia Pivaro, chair of the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum which drew up the plan, said: “The vote is really important. There’s an increasing desire for the community to have a say in their area’s development.

“This is an opportunity for the community to come together and talk about its aspirations for the future,” she added.

After what she hopes will be a successful referendum, the 51-year-old University of Westminster lecturer believes greater influence over issues such as air quality could follow with the plan itself listing further “aspirations” such as lobbying for east to west buses.

The plan’s architects have also identified how they want community funds to be spent on a range of priorities including a feasibility study for new hoppa buses, new playgrounds at Hillcrest and enhancements to Pond Square.

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“We want people who are passionate about other issues to get involved and make Highgate as good as it can be,” Ms Pivaro said.

On the ballot paper residents are asked whether or not they support the Highgate neighbourhood plan.

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Polling cards have been posted, but anyone who has not received theirs is advised to contact Camden or Haringey electoral services.

Details about where to vote are printed on polling cards.

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