Highgate Society follows Jude Law’s example with talks and tours on making homes greener

Highgate Village, it seems, is gearing up for a green revolution not long after one its most famous residents revealed plans to install solar panels on the roof of his home.

Last week, actor Jude Law was granted planning permission for solar panels on the roof of his Georgian mansion.

And his neighbours are hot on the trend also choosing to renovate their homes so they have less impact on the environment.

Magazine editor Jackie Jones, of the Highgate Society, has transformed her home in Highgate Village so the sun provides electricity and hot water for most of the year.

It has dramatically reduced the household’s utility bills and carbon emissions.

She said: “There are so many TV programmes and magazines about house design and interiors, but when people do up their houses, energy doesn’t make its way into the viewfinder.“Yet some changes need not cost a huge amount extra and they can make a house much more comfortable to live in as well as cut bills.”

To show people how to transform their homes, the Highgate Society is hosting an event called 21st Century Homes: character - comfort - low carbon, at Channing School, from 11am, this Saturday (Sept 15) which will feature talks and an exhibition. The next day (Sept 16) there are tours of several Highgate homes which have been eco-refurbished.

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“It’s going to be a great event,” said Mrs Jones. “We have 25 exhibitors and over a dozen speakers. People are welcome for the whole day or to just pop in.

“If you get the right advice at the right time it can make a big difference.”

Catherine Budgett-Meakin, another member of the Highgate Society, said: “In particular, we’d like to attract people who are thinking of making any changes. There are some great opportunities for doing things slightly differently and benefiting for years to come.

“If you get the right advice at the right time it can make a big difference

“Of course much of Highgate is in conservation areas and many people are concerned about what they can do without impacting on the look and character of their house. We’ll have experts on hand to offer advice.”

Highgate Society’s sustainable homes group was formed last year and its members include experts in architecture, renewable energy, and sustainable development.

The free exhibition and conference will take place on Saturday (September 15) from 11am to 4pm at Channing School in Highgate Hill.

House tours will take place on Sunday (September 16) from 2pm to 4pm. To take part register online.

More information can be found on the Highgate Society’s website j.mp/21c-homes or call 07963 200636 to find out more.