Highgate graphic designer brings set magic to Potter fans

Harry Potter designs on props from the movie are now produced as prints for the home

Highgate based graphic designer Eduardo Lima was part of the team commissioned to create the paper-based props for the Harry Potter series of movies. Together with his design partner Mira Minaphora, the pair created a distinct visual design for the movies leaflets, posters, wrappers and books- designs filled with magic and mystery to make JK Rowling’s fantastical plot seem even more real for fans.

Now, the pair have made the designs public in a series of limited edition prints that Potter fans, design fans, or both can take away and hang on their walls.

They took a nostalgic journey back through their design archive, which they had cultivated since 2001, when they first met after both being put on the design brief for the epic films.

The graphic prints include the poster for the 422nd Quidditch world cup, the front page of the Daily Prophet and the Marauder’s Map, all hand finished with gold and silver detail. All the works are flatform versions of what was originally used in the film.

Starting from �49; available online at theprintorium.com 020 7631 0306