Highgate church parishioners open up homes to Syrian refugees

Parishioners of a Highgate church have offered to open up their homes to Syrian refugees fleeing civil war.

Several members of the congregation at St Anne’s Church in Highgate West Hill have responded to a call from national community organisation Citizens UK for Camden Council to find homes for 50 refugees.

Some have also offered to help asylum seekers find jobs, and one psychotherapist plans to set up a support group for those traumatised by their experiences.

Fr Andrew Meldrum, vicar of St Anne’s and area dean of South Camden, said: “It has always been part of the Christian call to offer sanctuary and care for refugees and I am proud of the willingness of so many here to offer that sanctuary and care now.

“The situation of these people is so terrible and desperate. How can we do other than offer of our much to those who have so little?”

Camden has asked St Anne’s and a number of other churches and faith groups to find people who can house refugees.

The church is also organising a humanitarian trip to Calais in November to bring food parcels and clothes to desperate migrants.

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Fr Meldrum added: “I hope that the willingness of the parishioners at St Anne’s will encourage other faith groups, and those of no faith, to open up their homes and lives to those in need.”