Heroic Hampstead man throws himself in front of car in bid to help policewoman

A Hampstead man who was run over by a thug in a getaway car as he came to the aid of a policewoman insists he was simply doing what he “needed to do”.

Business manager Christopher Price, 57, received a standing ovation from police officers as the only member of the public to be recognised for bravery at a police commendation ceremony.

In a brave bid to stop the fleeing suspect, the father-of-three threw himself into the path of a car as the driver slammed into gear and drove straight at him.

But after receiving a certificate of commendation at Camden Town Hall, Mr Price was quick to play down his actions, insisting it was a “risk” worth taking for the good of the community.

He said: “You get the society you deserve if you’re prepared to put the effort in.

“I happened to be there at the time and that was what I needed to do. I wasn’t prepared to see someone get pushed around on the street.”

Mr Price noticed a man running into Prince Arthur Road in Hampstead chased by a policewoman on June 20 this year.

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Shopkeepers had earlier seen two men acting suspiciously as an elderly woman used a cash point in Hampstead High Street and called police.

One man was arrested as officers arrived but a scuffle broke out as the other man tried to escape.

Mr Price, who was walking from a business meeting in the area, spotted the policewoman being thrown about and decided to step in.

“In true pantomime style, I was shouting, ‘He’s behind you’ and she tried to grab him but he was a big athletic Usain Bolt-like man,” he said. “She grabbed hold of him and he threw her away so I went to help.”

As Mr Price approached the man climbed into a nearby getaway car and locked the doors.

The policewoman then smashed the driver’s window with her baton as Mr Price tried to get into the passenger’s side, before coming around to the front of the car.

“He [then] decided he was going to blow me out of the way,” said Mr Price. “He slammed it into first gear and drove straight at me, I did a roll over the bonnet and smashed down quite hard.”

The collision left Mr Price needing hospital treatment for bruising and damage to his hip and knee.

Police have since indentified the driver, who remains at large, and have issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Chief superintendent John Sutherland, Camden borough commander, said at the commendation ceremony: “We live in a world where all too often people walk by when circumstances demand they do something, but today is about recognising the people who didn’t walk by.”

Mr Price added: “I was particularly impressed and touched by the standing ovation from officers, [some of whom] have effectively disarmed people with guns when they were unarmed.

“That is real heroism, that is amazing, I just got into a situation and I did what I did to help.”