Hero Crouch End firefighter saves the life of man breathing ‘his last breath’

A Hornsey firefighter has been hailed a hero after he saved the life of a man who fell off his motorbike having collapsed from a heart attack.

Steve Daly was driving home after working a night shift when he spotted a man sprawled out on the road next to his bike.

The quick-thinking 38 year-old leapt out of his car and ran over to where the man was lying motionless.

“He was making this gargling noise which is known as agonal gasping – they call it the last breath,” said the firefighter.

“It is your body trying to survive the last few minutes before it shuts down.

“His ears were purple his lips blue, the paramedics said if he had been left another three minutes he would have been brain dead from no oxygen.”

Mr Daly immediately carried out mouth to mouth on the 67 year-old man and carried on working on him when paramedics arrived.

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The heart attack victim was rushed to hospital, where he is said to be doing well and has recently been transferred from intensive care to the cardiac ward.

Mr Daly, who was travelling through Stevenage when he spotted the man on the morning of Sunday June, 10, said it was the first time in his 12 year career that he has had to step in to save a man while off duty.

He said: “If I wasn’t there I don’t think he would have survived just because there was a lack of first aid knowledge among people there.

“I don’t really feel like a hero. I just feel grateful that I was there, if I had driven past him then I would have read in the paper that someone had passed away.”

Daniel Alie, manager at the station in Park Avenue South in Crouch End, hailed Mr Daly’s heroism.

He said: “I’m really proud of Steve, he didn’t hesitate to help this man in his hour of need.

“He immediately stepped in to help and I’ve no doubt his actions saved this man’s life.”