5 things to check when searching for a care home

Connect with others in the community. Picture: Shutterstock/pressmaster

Connect with others in the community. Picture: Shutterstock/pressmaster - Credit: Archant

Help your loved one rediscover their independence in a safe, comfortable environment that can offer them the support they need.

There are plenty of activities to fill your social calendar. Picture: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

There are plenty of activities to fill your social calendar. Picture: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia - Credit: Archant

TLC Care's latest care home, Candlewood House in Cricklewood, opens in February 2020. Sybil Wright, Candlewood House Care Home manager, shares her top five things you should check to help you find the best home.

1. Do they have the facilities to support their needs?

Learn what care services are on offer and ensure they can support the needs of your loved one. Candlewood House Care Home offers nursing care, residential and respite care as well as care for people with early or advanced memory loss. They offer long-term care or periods of convalescence and short-term care for anyone who has had an accident or injury.

Relax in the Hairs and Graces hairdressing salon. Picture: TLC Care

Relax in the Hairs and Graces hairdressing salon. Picture: TLC Care - Credit: Archant

Sybil said: "If residents' needs increase or decrease, the Candlewood House team will be able to adapt the level of service seamlessly. The team will have specialist clinical as well as dementia care skills to promote good physical, emotional health and overall wellbeing."

2. What's the community like at the home?

Problems with health, increasing age and vulnerability can make it hard for people to get out and socialise, leaving them isolated. This can harm their cognitive and emotional needs, as well as physical health.

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"It's important for us to feel we're a valued member of society and facilitate higher levels of independence and a greater degree of dignity," said Sybil. "At Candlewood House Care Home residents will have the chance to make new friends and rediscover long lost passions like singing, dancing, art, gardening, mindfulness exercises, yoga and other interests. This freedom to embrace life's opportunities comes to residents naturally when surrounded by people who genuinely care about them in an enabling, thoughtfully designed environment."

3. What facilities are on offer and where will they live?

Residents at Candlewood House Care Home will have access to state-of-the-art facilities including the House Café, a library, cinema, potting shed, sensory relaxation lounge and private or open dining room. Hairs and Graces hairdressing salon and the Retreat salon are also on hand.

Residents will have a choice of plush, elegantly-arranged rooms with comfortable electric profiling beds, specialist mattresses as well as innovative and discreet technologies to improve their care experience. All bedrooms are en-suite and many have a private balcony or terrace. Sybil expects the local community will be 'blown away by the new service.'

The environment is built for families and friends, including young visitors. Whilst vibrant and varied during the day, residents can look forward to innovative technology and services designed to facilitate good sleep.

4. Are the residents their priority?

"The concerns and needs of our residents and their family members are at the centre of everything we do," Sybil said. "Offering a range of support, our nursing and care team will work closely with the visiting GP and the professional community team to ensure access to healthcare. The Candlewood team, by design, will be highly trained to provide clinical support to residents. Whilst with us, residents and families can rest assured that residents receive timely clinical and care support. We know that supporting our residents in this way, whilst enabling them to live connected with their families, helps in living well."

5. Will they make the process easier for you?

Candlewood House Care Home aims to be as informative as possible during the enquiry and assessment process. You will be able to receive free financial advice or attend events designed to help you in navigating legal aspects surrounding care for the elderly.

TLC Care runs seven care homes throughout London, Hertfordshire and Cambridge. Candlewood House will open in February 2020 and has been designed in response to feedback received over several decades from their residents and families.

Sybil said: "We offer free consultation and assessment of needs prior and post the home being opened. Those that would like to reserve their place for February 2020 can look forward to receiving a discount and a free pampering gift. February 2020 is going to be exceptionally exciting. We will host a variety of events with local VIPs because we want to connect our new residents and their families with the local community and surround them with love and support."

Call 020 8108 9678 or email info@candlewoodhouse.co.uk to arrange a visit. Go to tlccare.co.uk/candlewood-house for more information and follow us on Facebook.