Westminster spends �360,000 reassessing people having their care taken away

WESTMINSTER Council is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds reassessing the 3,000 people who face having their social care withdrawn in a bid to save cash.

The council voted through changes to adult social care in February that mean only those with “substantial” needs will continue to receive their care, which will save �2.75million.

But more than 3,000 existing service users with “moderate” disabilities are being reassessed by the council over a period of nine months and at a cost of �40,000 per month – a total of �360,000.

The move to reduce care from people with ‘moderate’ needs received much criticism at the time with protests from many elderly and disability groups.

North Westminster MP Karen Buck said: “Thousands of people with disabilities are facing losing all of their care support and in some cases their whole independent living. But to add insult to injury it’s now clear that it’s costing �360,000 to even go through the process.”

Marian Harrington, Westminster’s strategic director for adult services, said: “The reassessments are a necessary way of ensuring our most vulnerable residents are receiving the most appropriate care.”

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