St John’s Wood boy left disabled by undiagnosed meningitis receives �3.5m payout

A St John’s Wood youngster who suffered major brain injuries after his GP allegedly failed to spot meningitis has been awarded �3.5million in compensation.

Samuel Roberts, now 11, was just 10 months old when he contracted the deadly virus.

It left him blind, paraplegic and with severe learning difficulties.

He was awarded the compensation at the High Court on Monday after his parents claimed a GP should have recognised the infection and sent him straight to hospital.

Samuel’s mother Karen took him to their family doctor in St John’s Wood in 2001 after he had suffered three days of fever, the court heard.

Despite his condition, Samuel was not transferred to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington until two days later. By this time, the virus had infected his brain.

Samuel now has cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs. He is blind and will be fully dependent on 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

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The GP initially insisted that hospitals could not cope if every baby brought in with similar symptoms was immediately transferred. But the doctor’s lawyers later agreed to settle the compensation claim.

The payout will be paid into a fund to provide yearly payments for Samuel’s ongoing care.