Latest Covid-19 figures show slight drops in Camden, Haringey and Barnet

The latest official data, from the last week of October, showed slight reductions in Camden, Haringe

The latest official data, from the last week of October, showed slight reductions in Camden, Haringey and Barney's Covid-19 infections. Picture: PA/Jane Barlow - Credit: PA

Covid-19 infection rates in Camden and Haringey had already begun to fall before government announced plans for a second lockdown.

The latest full week of data – the seven days up to October 29 – showed reductions in case numbers in both boroughs. There was also a minor decrease in Barnet.

In Camden, the number of cases dropped by 18.1 per cent that week, from 353 on October 22 to 289 on October 29.

In the same week, cases dropped in Haringey by 9.7pc, from 411 to 371.

That meant Haringey’s infection rate dropped from 153 cases per 100,000 people to 138.1. Camden’s also decreased, from 130.7 to 107.

Data suggests that the introduction of the “rule of six” may have had limited impact on rising cases in either borough, but that the regional tier system may have been more successful.

Between September 14, when the “rule of six” kicked in, and three weeks later, Camden’s number of confirmed cases more than tripled, from 57 to 186.

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Its infection rate shot up from 21.1 cases per 100,000 people to 68.9.

Two weeks later cases had risen by another 91pc to 356 and the infection rate hit 131.8 per 100,000.

But by then, government had introduced the regional tiers and London had gone into tier 2.

By the end of October, rates had started to come down.

Haringey followed a similar pattern.

When the “rule of six” came into force in mid-September, it had 66 confirmed cases and an infection rate of 24.6 cases per 100,000.

Three weeks later, cases had more than doubled to 246 and the infection rate was 91.6.

After another fortnight, infections were still rising.

There were now 363 cases and the infection rate was 135.1.

The upward trend continued after London went into tier 2, but then started to decline.

From October 24 to 29, Haringey’s infection rate shrank from 167.1 per 100,000 to 138.1.

Barnet’s infection rate started to come down in the week to October 29 as well.

Numbers climbed through the first half of that week, peaking at 621 cases and an infection rate of 156.9. But by October 29, cases were down to 544 and the infection rate fell to 137.4.