New mum, Tulip, labels breastfeeding ban as “depressing” and urges businesses to not discriminate

Tulip Siddiq MP and Chris Percy with their newborn daughter Azalea Joy Percy

Tulip Siddiq MP and Chris Percy with their newborn daughter Azalea Joy Percy - Credit: Archant

MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, Tulip Siddiq, has said that mums being prevented from breastfeeding in public is “depressing” after a group of women were banned from breastfeeding at the Swiss Cottage Marriott.

Ms Siddiq, who gave birth to her first child last month, said: “As the mother of a newborn baby, I know exactly how the victim in this case felt. It is depressing that in 2016 we still need a shift in culture to enable women to feel comfortable doing the simple task of feeding their own children.

“Local businesses should also make themselves aware of their duty under the law to not discriminate against breastfeeding mothers.”

The Regents Park Marriott Hotel has since apologised for the incident during which a “mums and babies” swimming group in Swiss Cottage were told they would lose use of the pool if they chose to breastfeed their children.

In a statement, the hotel said: “Following investigation we have learnt that an associate of the London Marriott Hotel Regents Park erroneously gave the instruction to one of the groups who use the pool facilities to not allow mothers to breastfeed in the Fitness Club. This instruction is not hotel or company policy. We welcome breastfeeding mothers in all areas of the hotel. We will continue to look into the matter with the associate involved.

“Additionally, we will use this opportunity to reiterate to all our associates the local laws allowing guests and visitors to the hotel the right to breastfeed wherever they choose.

“We apologise for any distress or offence caused as a result of this unfortunate situation.”