Life expectancy figures show Camden newborn babies will live to end of century

New life expectancy figures show Camden newborn babies will live on average for 82.45 years. Picture

New life expectancy figures show Camden newborn babies will live on average for 82.45 years. Picture PA/Chris Ison - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Babies born in Camden this month are on average expected to live until at least 2096, according to new figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The borough has been reaffirmed as one of the healthiest areas in London, with an overall life expectancy of 82.45 years, rising to 85 years for newborn girls but falling to 79.9 years for boys.

Camden is ranked below only Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster in the latest audit of inner London districts, as well as being above the nationwide average life expectancy of of 80.8 years.

This is despite Camden continuing to trail some suburban London boroughs, such as Richmond upon Thames, which has among the highest life expectancies in Britain.

The most recent figure, for the period from 2009 to 2011, is five-and-a-half years higher than data from 10 years earlier and the average life expectancy has risen annually since 1997.

The ONS report says this is as a result of the above-average household income of parents in Camden.

It says: “Geographic patterns observed were largely explained by variations in income deprivation.

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“Boys whose parent(s) had an occupation classified as ‘higher managers and professionals’ such as directors of major organisations, doctors and lawyers could be expected to live 5.8 years longer than boys whose parents were classified as ‘routine’ occupations such as labourers.”

Most analysts believe people will live significantly longer than current estimates, as death rates continue to drop due to better healthcare and medical research.

The anticipated advances mean that a high proportion of newborn babies are likely to see the turn of the next century and, for the first time, live beyond the age of 90.

With the number of elderly set to increase sizeably in coming years, Dr Denise Bavin, governing body member at NHS Camden Clinical Commissioning Group, believes it is crucial to ensure people stay healthy into old age.

Dr Bavin said: “We want our local people to not just live longer, but to lead healthier lives. We are working with Camden Council to ensure the residents of Camden, and our elderly, have a healthier future.”