Help increase your chances of conceiving

Having a healthy body increases your chances of conceiving, so if you’re planning to get pregnant, you can help yourself by detoxifying your system, says Jacquie Lane from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, who suggests the following eating plan:

Eat organic food to reduce your exposure to hormones and pesticides, and to reduce your exposure to xenoestrogen, don’t eat foods wrapped in plastic cling film, and drink water out of glass bottles rather than plastic. Do not buy bagged salad due to possible toxins/bacteria enclosed.

Cut out smoking, alcohol and microwaved food. Cut out caffeine and tannin and drink more herbal teas. Fresh ginger and/or lemon with hot water all help the liver eliminate toxins. You can boost your nutrient intake and aid bowel elimination by eating a rainbow assortment of 5-7 portions in total of vegetables and fruit daily.

Include protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal and eat a variety of wholegrains: brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat, rye, and spelt, in breads or pasta.

Essential fatty acids are vital to regulate hormones. Eat oily fish three times a week: salmon, mackerel, and herrings but not tuna due to its potential mercury content. Vitamin E should be plentiful in your diet and can be found in cold pressed vegetable oils, wheat germ, sunflower and sesame seeds, and sardines. Fresh ginger root and some seeds are good sources of zinc.

For supplements focus on essential fatty acids: Omega 3 1000mg/day, and a good quality pregnancy multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Opt for a probiotic which includes eight billion probiotic cultures to help the body dispose of unwanted excess hormones. Don’t overlook your general lifestyle: Yoga and walking are great for metabolism and stress reduction, and skin brushing will help open elimination channels for toxins.

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