‘Vulnerable’ Camden tenants in Hampstead block ‘barricaded in’ and living in fear of nightmare neighbour

Hampstead Underground and the High Street. Picture: Ken Mears

Hampstead Underground and the High Street. Picture: Ken Mears - Credit: Archant

Pensioners in a Hampstead council block were forced to “barricade themselves in” after a new neighbour screamed threats through their letterboxes.

The male neighbour has now been sectioned following repeated incidents.

But he maintains his tenancy at the block and at the stage is not willing to move leading to concern among residents.

This newspaper has chosen not to name the block in question to protect the safety of both the man in question and his neighbours.

However, the woman, who is in her 70s and lives over the landing from the now-sectioned man said: "It's a very dangerous situation and it's really scary.

"He was shouting through the letterbox. Saying he would hurt us, and that he had done it before."

She said the man had evident mental health issues and had even taken to setting alcohol-doused pillowcases on fire in the communal landing.

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"I've barricaded myself in", she said.

"The council or the police or anyone can't tell us he won't come back."

The Ham&High understands that a number of other elderly tenants in this block have been affected by the frightening behaviour.

One has even temporarily moved to stay with family in Brighton.

A relative of someone living in the block added that one one occasion in early October "his threats and screams lasted from 4am until 7.30am" and called on Camden Council to do more to make sure the man is not able to return to the block once released from his hospital stay.

A meeting with a housing officer took place, but the woman living in the block told the Ham&High that she was not confident anything had changed since.

It is understood that Camden Council are hoping to find a solution which would see the man move to a building more suited to his needs, but it has been unable to confirm anything at this stage.

The town hall's housing chief Cllr Meric Apak said: "We are working closely with all agencies involved to best ensure that the issues raised by residents are fully addressed and that we reach a resolution that ensures the wellbeing of all residents."

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