Hampstead care home investigates claims care worker hit dementia sufferer

A care home has launched an investigation into a claim that a member of staff struck a dementia sufferer.

Spring Grove Care Home in Hampstead has suspended a care worker after police were called over an allegation of assault.

Resident Malcolm Jones, 69, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, claims he saw a member of staff slap a woman in her 80s across the thighs shortly after breakfast last Friday.

Mr Jones, who had only been at the �1,000-a-week home for a few days, said: “You shouldn’t go around hitting people, especially vulnerable people. It was rather shocking really.”

Police officers were called to the home in Finchley Road at noon, but are not looking into the matter further.

It was agreed that the home would investigate the incident.

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers found no witnesses or physical evidence to substantiate the claim, therefore the matter will now be investigated internally by management at the home.”

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Mr Jones, a retired statistician, said: “The police did come round but they weren’t terribly keen on doing anything about it because they said there was no bruising.

“The manager asked me if I was sure she was not cleaning crumbs from her lap, but it didn’t look that way to me.”

The 69-year-old was set to leave the care home this week and move to accommodation more suited to his medical needs.

Michael Williams, a director of Springdene Nursing and Care Home Limited, which manages the 43-bed Spring Grove Care Home, said all witnesses to the alleged incident are being interviewed as part of an internal investigation.

He said: “Springdene Care Homes can confirm that an incident is alleged to have taken place in which one individual claims to have witnessed an action involving a member of staff.

“It should be emphasised that the witness making the allegation was not personally involved, and at this stage it remains merely an allegation.

“The police were called but they have confirmed they thought it not worth taking any action.

“Under the regulations an internal inquiry is taking place.

“The accused individual has been suspended pending the result of the inquiry, but it must be emphasised that if the allegation turns out to be false, that person will be exonerated and may seek their own redress over any accusations that are made.”