Dad cycles 450 miles in memory of baby daughter who died at Whittington Hospital

Jasmin's Journey

Jasmin's Journey - Credit: Archant

The father of a baby who died at the Whittington after a medical condition went unnoticed while in the womb has helped raise £6,500 for other children born at the hospital.

Jasmin's Journey

Jasmin's Journey - Credit: Archant

David Rogers and wife Parminder lost daughter Jasmin last year aged just 18 weeks when a severe growth restriction was not spotted by her antenatal team at the hospital in Archway.

Her legacy has lived on, however, after the trust in charge of the Whittington started the Jasmin Project – introducing the use of more effective growth charts to determine if a foetus is a healthy size.

Jasmin’s father, David, last week undertook a gruelling 452-mile cycle with his brother and three friends from Highgate to Harrogate.

Raising money for The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Whittington Babies, they were cheered off by well-wishers from Waterlow Park, where the couple used to take baby Jasmin while she was being treated at the Whittington and where a bench has been erected in her memory.

Parminder and David Rogers with daughter Jasmin

Parminder and David Rogers with daughter Jasmin - Credit: Archant

The ride, called Jasmin’s Journey, then wound its way up to Wolverhampton (Parminder’s home town) and a hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales called West Scrafton, where David and Parminder scattered Jasmin’s ashes last summer.

It ended in David’s home town of Harrogate, where the team arrived on Friday.

Having raised £6,500, David said: “The journey was months in planning but we ended up cycling during the hottest week of the year so far. I have never sweated and drank so much.

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“But it was really great fun. And people would ask us along the way what we were doing it for, which is the important thing. It helps raise not only money for charity but awareness of why we were doing it.

“It keeps the momentum going at the Whittington with the Jasmin Project, and hopefully other hospitals will take notice too.”