Hundreds of laptops provided for Haverstock School students

A Haverstock student studying in class

A Haverstock student studying in class - Credit: Haverstock School

With a protracted period of home study, Haverstock School arranged for 400 laptops to be provided to students.

The school carried out an investigation into the "digital divide" and arranged for the Chromebooks to ensure every student has access to live remote lessons.

The Department for Education provided 127 Chromebooks, and community infrastructure levy (CIL) funds from developers in Camden paid for 200 more.

Headteacher James Hadley said it ensured 35 per cent of students had computers, but that it still was not enough.

"So we were thrilled to be approached by private equity firm, Apiary Capital LLP, who brilliantly offered to fund the outstanding 70 Chromebooks – ensuring that every single Haverstock student is now able to focus on their learning," he said.

A Haverstock School student at the computer when classes were running

A Haverstock School student at the computer when classes were running - Credit: Haverstock School

Nikola Sutherland, partner at Apiary Capital, said: "We were pleased to be able to help address the digital divide in these extraordinarily challenging times.

"It is clear Haverstock School leaders are working hard to identify the impediments to students' online learning, and to track their performance. We are delighted to partner with them to support a school in our local community."

Haverstock connected with Apiary Capital because of its links with Growing Against Violence, a charity delivering educational sessions to schools to prevent youth violence and protect young people against exploitation by gangs.

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Chris Heawood, a trustee of the charity, said: "We were delighted to connect Apiary Capital with Haverstock School at this critical time for education.

"We look forward to working with Haverstock in the future as they continue to prioritise their students’ wellbeing and development."

Haverstock chair of governors Alison Lowton said: "James Hadley and the school’s senior leadership have moved heaven and earth to make sure Haverstock students are not left behind in the loss and chaos of the pandemic.

"This generous gift makes all the difference. It means so much."

Director of finance and operations at the school Martin Hesketh added: "At a time when school budgets are tighter than ever, every bit of help makes a huge difference, so we are very grateful for these donations."