Haverstock Hill cycle lanes scheme returns - and goes to consultation

A 12-month trial of the same scheme is being proposed

A 12-month trial of the same scheme is being proposed - Credit: Polly Hancock

Camden Council is revisiting its cycle lanes scheme in Haverstock Hill after starting a consultation for a 12-month trial.  

The town hall halted its plans for the controversial scheme nearly four weeks ago – but it is now looking to reintroduce cycle lanes in both directions running between Prince of Wales Road and Pond Street.   

As in the previous iteration of the scheme, the trial would see the majority of parking removed from Haverstock Hill and Rosslyn Hill, and moved onto side roads. Residents can comment on the plans until March 14.  

The proposed trial and new consultation follows claims from local residents, businesses and opposition councillors that the town hall failed to adequately consult the community on the previous cycle lanes scheme.  

After halting its plans last month, Camden Council said it would look at the scheme again, attributing its U-turn to a “minor technical error”.

Local businesses have opposed the plans

Local businesses have opposed the plans - Credit: Polly Hancock

The proposals, designed to encourage cycling and discourage driving, were subject to a legal challenge in the High Court from a Haverstock Hill resident.  

The plans were part of TfL’s Streetspace scheme, the guidance for which was recently ruled unlawful by the High Court. TfL has submitted an appeal.  

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Under the council's new trial, which would require another consultation after 12 months to become permanent, four zebra crossings would be installed, while traffic islands at formal and informal crossings would be removed. 

The council says 66 resident parking bays would be taken out, less than 1.5% of the existing provision in the local area’s controlled parking zone.  

Parking availability would be reduced

Parking availability would be reduced - Credit: Polly Hancock

There would be a 24% reduction in paid for parking spaces around Haverstock Hill, with 78 paid for bays remaining. A new disabled space close to Steele’s Village would be created.

Bus stops would be moved into the carriageway so that the cycle lanes could run next to the kerb.  

The new route would link up with Prince of Wales Road and Chalk Farm Road to create a 3km network of cycle lanes.  

The existing bus lane would run 24/7 all-week, rather than Monday to Friday 3pm-7pm – as it does currently.  

Countdown timers and “early release” facilities would be introduced at the junctions of Pond Street and England’s Lane, subject to TfL approval.  

A proposed bike hangar in Glenloch Road is also part of the Haverstock Hill consultation, which can be viewed at https://consultations.wearecamden.org/supporting-communities/haverstock-hill/