Haringey re-branding and logo slammed as ‘vanity product’

Politicians have confirmed they will spend £86,000 on a new logo branded a ”vanity project”

Cllr Gail Engert, Lib Dem leader of the opposition at Haringey Council, said the planned new designs were a “vanity product” and “an extravagance in this austere climate”.

As part of the overhaul of the council’s image, £20,000 will be spent on a film to promote the borough’s strengths for the purposes of recruitment and £40,000 will be spent on brand strategy and visual identity.

Haringey Council has so far publicly refused to release official images of the new logo.

Mary Langan, who is an activist with Save Autism Services Haringey, said: “We are shocked that Haringey has spent a huge amount of money on polishing up its image while applying draconian cuts to services for vulnerable adults.

“To overspend by £20,000 is adding insult to injury.”

Tanya Wright, co-ordinator for Hornsey Vale Community Centre, also said the cash could have been spent on services for the community. The centre is at risk of closing in the next few years.

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The council will also spend nearly £8,000 on major council signage, and just over £7,500 on staff ID cards with the new branding.

Haringey last rebranded in 2007, and the green and yellow starburst design of the logo references the area’s broadcasting history.

The first public television transmissions were made from Alexandra Palace.

Cllr Joe Goldberg, cabinet member for economic development, said: “Haringey is more than a place, it’s about its people and their pride, creativity and passion – and we need an identity that reflects the attitudes of our residents and businesses, which make us a unique corner of London.”

He said that the project aimed to tell the borough’s “true story”, and added: “It is about being loud and proud about what brings people together – their achievements, their ideas and their contribution to moving us forward.”