Haringey landlords ready to welcome Syrian refugees

Two Crouch End private landlords have signed up to host Syrian refugees, in the latest show of goodwill from residents, businesses and campaigners in Haringey.

Volunteers with Refugees Welcome Haringey are working tirelessly to ensure that Haringey Council commits to welcoming Syrians and that the borough is ready for them.

Rose Bernstein, 27, whose grandfather was a German-Jewish refugee fleeing from Nazi Germany, co-ordinates the community group, and is continuing to approach landlords for their support.

Her grandfather, who left Germany in his 20s, was denied entry by the UK but granted asylum in South Africa.

“He knew what it was like to be turned away,” Ms Bernstein said. “I was born in Britain and people who have security have a duty to offer security to others. Haringey has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees.”

Founding member Lucy Nabijou, 50, from Alexander Palace, has written to councillors in Haringey to ask them to commit to hosting at least 50 Syrian refugees.

Haringey Council has not yet hosted any Syrian refugees, or committed to the number they will take.

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Neighbouring borough Camden has welcomed in its first four Syrian refugee families and has a commitment to host 20 refugees, while Barnet council has committed to housing 50 Syrians.

Catherine West MP is calling on the government to “speed up the pace” of welcoming Syrian refugees. “People in Hornsey and Wood Green are rightly demanding more,” she wrote on her blog. “This crisis is getting worse.”

- To help with the campaign, contact: refugeeswelcomeharingey@gmail.com