Haringey Giving launches Covid-19 fundraiser to help children recover from pandemic

The Haringey Giving initiative for young people is supported by The Childhood Trust

The Haringey Giving initiative for young people is supported by The Childhood Trust - Credit: Haringey Giving

A fundraiser was launched in Haringey on Tuesday to help children who have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.

Haringey Giving has teamed up with The Childhood Trust to launch the “Champions for Children Appeal” which will run from June 8-15.

The money raised will be used by an independent partnership, led by local residents, to provide small grants of around £1,000 for community groups and charities which are supporting young people to recover from the pandemic.

The chosen schemes will enable children to develop their skills, improve their wellbeing, boost their education and reduce social isolation.

Julia Slay, the chair of Haringey Giving, said: “In Haringey, the pandemic has highlighted underlying disadvantage and inequalities in the circumstances and experiences of children and young people.

“This appeal will help to raise funds for young people in Haringey, and fund projects that support their wellbeing.”

Donations will be doubled up to a £10,000 target by The Childhood Trust, whose chief executive Laurence Guinness said young people “need support now more than ever”.

To donate visit https://www.haringeygiving.org.uk/champions