'Our new drainage systems to reduce flooding in Haringey'

Flooding looking onto Park Road

Flooding looking onto Park Road - Credit: Claire Sparkles

Like many areas across Europe, the UK and London, Haringey residents and local businesses have sadly been impacted by flooding this year, highlighting the importance of our work in flood prevention across the borough.

Climate change threat is worrying for us all, affecting us on a very local level, and I would like to assure you that we are doing our upmost to minimise the risk of flooding and are working with council partners to ensure all those involved are working hard to protect Haringey.

We have 21 sustainable drainage systems (SUDs) installed across Haringey, with a further nine in development, including Queen's Wood. I hope residents will see the benefits as SUDs reduce the risk of flooding by slowing down the flow of rainwater and reducing pressure the drainage system managed by Thames Water. We are also working on several external bids to allow us to deliver further schemes. 

Thursday 27th May 2021. Haringey Council AGM. Photo: David Mirzoeff

Cllr Seema Chandwani says Haringey Council is working to minimise the risk of flooding - Credit: David Mirzoeff/Haringey Council

Another significant part of our flood prevention works is cleansing and maintaining gullies throughout the borough to ensure rainwater can freely enter the drainage system. We have invested in the purchase of two new gully cleansing vehicles which will allow us to clean all 15,000 gullies in Haringey by the end of May 2022.

The way our maintenance programme is carried out going forward is also changing, with all gullies throughout the borough to be cleaned annually, with additional cleansing carried out in busy areas such as our town centres. Areas that were most affected in the flooding incidents this summer have been made the top priority, with many areas already attended.

Cleaning up rubble after having works done, not pouring oil or leftover wet concrete down your gully or drain, and not sweeping hedge trimmings and garden waste into the road can all help prevent your local gully becoming blocked and help minimise the risk of flooding.

There are a number of reasons why drains and gullies can become blocked, and I ask that if you notice any issues to report it online here: haringey.gov.uk/environment-and-waste/flooding/blocked-drainsgullies#report-problem

As we tackle climate change, together we can do our bit to reduce the risk of flooding across Haringey.

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Cllr Seema Chandwani (Lab) is Haringey Council cabinet member for customer service, welfare and the public realm