A progressive budget for the next twelves months and beyond

Families eligible for free school meals will be able to claim £25 food vouchers per child over the C

Haringey Council will continue to provide free school meals - Credit: PA

Over the last 12 months this borough has faced one of its biggest challenges, but our community has come together, proving that Haringey’s greatest strength is, and will continue to be, its people.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the local economy, the income of our residents and the mental health and wellbeing within in our community.

Despite the significant financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the council has still managed to set out a progressive budget for the next 12 months and beyond.

We want to build strong families, strong networks and strong communities which nurture all residents to live well and achieve their potential.

The Fairness Commission was set up to tackle inequality and promote fairness.

We’re investing in our Adults and Children’s services and are providing school children and vulnerable young people with Free School Meals.

Cllr Charles Adje, Haringey Council

Cllr Charles Adje recognises that the next few years may be difficult - Credit: Haringey Council

Residents in need will receive welfare assistance and access to food through The Haringey Food Network and the council is also introducing a strategy for those with the most urgent need with debt management support.

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We are committed to delivering safe, secure and genuinely affordable homes for everyone – our first 1,000 new council homes at council rents will be on site by March 2022.

We have also refreshed our empty homes policy to bring long-term empty homes back into use.

Our Good Economy Recovery Plan sets out how we will support our businesses through Covid-19 recover and we aim to create more jobs and enhance apprenticeships and training opportunities.

We are investing in young people – creating a Wood Green Youth Hub, continuing with school building improvement works and will implement the Alternative (school) Provision Strategy.

We also expanded the number of youth outreach workers and created the Haringey Fairer Education Fund.

The Walking and Cycling Action Plan has been implemented to increase safer and active travel measures and we are working to improve our roads and pavements across the borough.

We recognise that the next few years may be difficult for many of our residents. Through this progressive budget we will continue to support our communities, to equip them to withstand future shockwaves and build hope and optimism about our future.

  • Cllr Charles Adje is cabinet member for finance and strategic regeneration at Haringey Council.