Crackdown on 'blue badge' disability parking fraud in Haringey

Haringey Council has cracked down on blue badge fraud

Haringey Council has cracked down on blue badge fraud - Credit: Haringey Council

Following a joint operation by Haringey Council and the police, five vehicles have been impounded in Hornsey and Wood Green for blue badge fraud

One badge was being used even though the holder had died, while four further stolen badges were identified.

In addition, a fake blue badge and one that was lost were also picked up in the sweep on April 7.

Those caught received a £130 penalty, and those whose cars were impounded received a further £200 fine. 

Blue badges offer a permit for those with mobility problems or hidden disabilities. 

A Haringey Council spokesperson said: “We will not tolerate the misuse or fraudulent use of blue badges. Doing this makes it more difficult for those that are not able bodied to park as it takes up their spaces.

“If you are aware of anyone using a blue badge who should not, please contact the council.”

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Anyone who has had their blue badge stolen is exempt from parking restrictions for three weeks whilst they wait for a replacement badge.