Hard-working Rotary Club of St Marylebone celebrates 64th anniversary... and looks to future

The Rotary Club of St Marylebone marked the 64th anniversary of its charter with a special event in the Marylebone Hotel – and an eye on future activities.

The club, which carries out a lot of work in the Church Street area, raised a glass to its history and achievements through the years – ever since its charter was granted on September 20, 1948 – and heard a talk from Rotary Peace Fellow Connor Fortune.

Speaking after the event at the hotel in Welbeck Street, the club’s president Margaret Pollock told the Wood&Vale: “As the motto for Rotary International Year 2012-13 is ‘peace through service’, it seemed appropriate to invite Connor Fortune, a journalist devoted to human rights and conflict resolution, who currently works as a news writer at Amnesty International, to be our guest speaker.

“Our Rotary service fosters peace in many ways. In our clubs, we work to bring dignity to communities and, as individuals, we value co-operation over personal gain.”

The club has previously provided a new minibus for a children’s centre in the Church Street area and this coming year, in conjunction with its partner The Landmark Hotel, is raising more than �22,000 to support community schemes there.

Miss Pollock said: “I have put together a large programme of support for the socially deprived area of Church Street and we have 15 projects that we support in that area.

“Charities have been severely cut over the last 18 months and we are building on previous work we have done there.”

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From the flower baskets in Church Street to voluntary projects that literally see members roll up their sleeves and clean streets, walls and doors, the club is entrenched in the community. But Miss Pollock knows that it could do much more with fresh members.

The club is looking to recruit to help further its charitable aims here and abroad.

Miss Pollock said: “We have about 32 members but, obviously, the more people we can bring into the club, the more volunteers we have – and the more ideas.

“It just helps progress the work we are doing within the community. If you want to find out more about the club and the work we do in communities and internationally, come and join us for lunch and see how we work.”

The club meets each Thursday at the hotel at 12.45pm.