Hapless minicab driver crashes into a busy Hampstead road

Dramatic scenes unfolded in Hampstead Village as a hapless minicab driver attempting a three point turn careered off the road and smashed into a parked car.

Last minute Christmas shoppers watched in horror as the man smashed his black Kia into a fence in Greenhill before falling down the bank onto a car below in Rosslyn Hill on Thursday last week (December 22).

The driver remained locked inside the precariously balanced car for nearly an hour before being taken to hospital.

No one is thought to have been seriously injured in the crash, which took place shortly before 11am.

Karel Asiyo, who owns the car damaged in the smash, was on a brief shopping trip to pick up some chocolates for Hanukkah when she returned to find her Volkswagen Polo smashed and glass scattered across the front seats.

She said: “I just went to the shops for 10 minutes and this is what I came back to.

“I’m really shocked. It is lucky no one was in the car because it is covered in glass.

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“This is just something you never expect when you’re out shopping.

“I normally park on the other side of the street. I wish I stuck to my usual parking place now.”

Exhibiting a healthy dose of seasonal forgiveness and goodwill to her fellow men, Mrs Asiyo insisted the accident had not scuppered her Hanukkah or New Year plans, as she is staying at home.

The mum-of-one, who lives with her husband and seven year-old daughter in St. John’s Wood, said: “I’m not angry, I’m just shocked and a bit surprised.

“But luckily no one was injured – it was parked and I wasn’t in it. It is just a car.”

Not many cars were driving through Rosslyn Hill when the crash occurred and no other vehicles were involved.

Jane Hood, who works at Whistles clothes shop, called the emergency services, which arrived within minutes.

She said: “I looked up and heard a bang. He must have put his foot on the wrong peddle and overshot the fence.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. The taxi driver was really in shock. He stayed there for about an hour, until the paramedics said he was fine.

“I think they should put a wall up to stop that happening again. There is only a small fence there and it is quite an easy thing to do because it is a terribly steep road. This is quite a phenomenon for Hampstead.”

Traffic came to a standstill in the village and buses were diverted away from the accident.