Women create 'vital resource' to help families through sudden bereavement

Debbie Kagan and Leah Nevies - who have created the Just One Place resource

Debbie Kagan and Leah Nevies - who have created the Just One Place resource to help families prepare for death - Credit: Debbie Kagan

Two north London women have used the pain of the death of loved ones to create a vital resource to help others. 

Hampstead's Debbie Kagan and Leah Nevies from Hendon have launched a website – called Just One Place – designed to give families the tools to prepare for the worst. 

The pair said losing people close to them had brought the idea to the forefront of their minds – and they want to help people organise the vital information that sometimes is lost amid bereavement.

Debbie said: "We both had similar experiences. Both my parents passed away within six months of one another after suffering severe strokes.

"Nothing prepares you for the death of your parents and life as I knew it changed immediately. 

"We want to make it easier for the living."

They have created a free resource to help families collect the information – whether related to health, finances or legal affairs – which can be complex when someone dies unexpectedly.

It's a free resource, and the women created it by liaising with lawyers and medical professionals. Visit justoneplace.co.uk for more details.

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