Hampstead rock band Mad Dog Bites impress summer crowd in Golders Hill Park

Bad Dog Bites Gig at the bandstand in Golders Hill Park.
Godfrey Old,Conrad Blakemore & Martin Finch

Bad Dog Bites Gig at the bandstand in Golders Hill Park. Godfrey Old,Conrad Blakemore & Martin Finch - Credit: Nigel Sutton

A Hampstead rock group which counts the former drummer of 1980s pop band Culture Club among its members, took to the bandstand in Golders Hill Park to perform covers of hit songs from the 1960s.

Around 100 people turned up to watch the Mad Dog Bites last Sunday as part of a series of summer musical events organised by the City of London Corporation, which manages Hampstead Heath.

The band, which started out as a three-piece in 1999, sings covers of well-known rock classics by the Rolling Stones, The Who and The Doors, as well as more recent hits by groups such as the Kings of Leon.

Lead guitarist Conrad Blakemore, 52, said Culture Club drummer Jon Moss joined the band a few years ago after seeing them perform in the Rosslyn Arms when it used to be a pub.

He said: “We used to do a sessions down at the Rosslyn Arms where Jon used to drink. I also knew him from around the area and he’s well-established in the music business as a drummer.

“I occasionally brought a drum kit along and Jon would come and join in.”

The group also includes a harmonica player and a bass guitarist, who was introduced to the band by Mr Moss.

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The band played at the Parliament Hill bandstand last summer and also performed at the Hampstead Christmas Festival.

Mr Blakemore said: “It was a good crowd. The audience seemed attentive and looked like they were enjoying what we did. A lot of people came up afterwards and said they liked us and asked when we were playing again, so I think it was pretty successful.”

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