Hampstead phone mast plan sparks opposition

Hampstead residents are mobilising against proposals to erect an eight-metre phone mast in Redington Gardens, Hampstead.

Telecoms firm Everything Everywhere is seeking planning permission to relocate a mast currently on the Caroline Skeel Library at the King’s College London student halls site in Kidderpore Avenue.

Barratt Homes wants to convert the library into flats and backs the relocation of the mast.

There was a consultation in August but residents complain that many people were on holiday.

Catherine Rudd, of Hollycroft Avenue, Hampstead, said: “I feel the consultation was done surreptitiously. It was done in the school holidays in an obscure part of Hampstead.

“We don’t need a mast - it’s not going to make the area better and it’s going to impact on house prices.”

Jessica Learmond-Criqui, of Redington Gardens, said in a letter to the council: “The height and size of the mast is disconsonant with the characteristics of the conservation area and will dominate and irreversibly damage the street-scene.”

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However, others disagree.

Actor Tom Conti said: “The buildings that the council allows to be put up in the area are so unsightly that the mast pales into insignificance.”

Cllr Valerie Leach said: “The Council is required to give consideration to national guidance on planning applications of this nature.

“This includes advice around the need for telecommunication systems and health safeguards.

“This application meets the International Commission’s guidelines indicating that the phone mast demonstrates no public health risk.”

Everything Everywhere were unavailable for comment.