Hampstead Heath swans and cygnets enjoy the summer

Hampstead's swan parents with their fluffy offspring

Hampstead's swan parents with their fluffy offspring - Credit: Ron Vester

Hampstead Heath's swan families provide cute images and exciting stories each year – and this year is no different. 

Though the Heath's bosses warn the public to avoid getting too close to some of the wildlife, animal-lovers constantly need to keep watch for potential dog attacks. 

Ron Vester, Heath photographer and member of the Heath and Hampstead Society's Heath sub-committee,  snapped the swans who live on the Hampstead ponds this week. 

Ron said: "The family of swans who had an amazing 10 cygnets in early May sadly are down to six, it could well be the pike getting them when they were tiny."

He said it was "delightful" to see the family making its way around the Heath, but added the cygnets had put on too much weight. 

These are not the swans whose love story captivated Hampstead in 2020, they nest on the Highgate chain of ponds on the other side of the Heath.