Hampstead Heath swan who found love ‘responding well’ to treatment after shocking dog attack

Injured swan Mrs Newbie recovering (right) after being attacked on Hampstead Heath. Picture: Swan Sa

Injured swan Mrs Newbie recovering (right) after being attacked on Hampstead Heath. Picture: Swan Sanctuary - Credit: Archant

The Hampstead Heath swan whose love affair captivated north London is “responding well” to treatment following a dog attack saw her injured on Highgate No.1 Pond.

Mrs Newbie, a widow who found love while recovering from a previous injury at the Shepperton Swan Sanctuary, had to be rescued after being attacked last week.

The swan, who currently has seven cygnets, was rescued on July 14 after volunteers were spent hours trying to safely capture her – and she has spent the last week back at the swan sanctuary.

The cygnets are now being looked after by Mrs Newbie’s partner, Wallace, while she recovers.

READ MORE: Hampstead Heath’s widow swan now has seven cygnets after finding love at the Shepperton Swan Sanctuary Gill Walker from the Swan Sanctuary said Mrs Newbie had last saw a vet on July 20, She said: “The injury has not been stitched due to infection risks, although she is responding well to treatment and we are cautiously optimistic.

“However, wounds from dog bites are unpredictable so we must not be complacent. It’s impossible to predict at this time how long her recovery time will be.”

The two swans originally met at the Swan Sanctuary in March when Mrs Newbie was recovering after being found injured on a local roof.

The City of London Corporation, which manages the Heath, has appealed for witnesses to the attack, on July 13, to come forward.

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