Hampstead Heath bosses warn walkers to stay off the ice after two rescues

HAMPSTEAD HEATH bosses have warned walkers not to venture onto frozen ponds or let their dogs run onto them after two dogs in as many weeks have had to be saved after plunging through the ice.

A female walker this morning managed to rescue her dog which had fallen through the ice by alerting a lifeguard to help.

However, Heath bosses have urged walkers not to let it get that far and keep their dogs on the lead and off the ice.

They have also recommended families have a strict word with their children too, so they realise the dangers of walking on the ice and keep away.

“We are trying to get the message out to people that they have to take care,” Heath Superintendent Simon Lee said. “These ponds are several metres deep and we’ve already had a couple of incidents. We are asking owners and walkers to make sure they don’t go on the ice or let their dogs on the ice or god forbid - children. If anyone sees someone get in trouble they should contact the emergency services immediately.”